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President | DKS600

The B*MOBILE President, a full-sized PMV, is the pinnacle of stylish outdoor mobility and supreme comfort. Impressive power and full-functional design. The President is the perfect mix of essential features to deliver the best solution in personal mobility, freedom and lifestyle.

Ambassador | DKS500

The ultimate balance of style and comprehensive utility, the B*MOBILE Ambassador is ideal for a range of operators and daily applications. The Ambassador redefines the meaning in quality and performance found in mid-sized PMVs featuring innovative features that offer safety and convenience, both in and outdoors.

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Executive | DKS320

In true Neoclassical spirit, the B*MOBILE Executive is the perfect blend of engineering, performance, styling and contour. This 3-wheeled PMV easily fulfills your transportation needs putting life's simple freedoms back at your fingertips.

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Travel Mate | DKS280

The B*MOBILE Travel Mate, the clear retro-styled revolution in 4-wheeled personal mobility provides both impressive stability and maneuverability, combined with compact portability. This PMV provides a refreshing alternative for active lifestyles requiring higher levels of mobility and personal independence.

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Sport | DKS200

The B*MOBILE Sport, bring efficient and affordable Personal Mobility to life. Extremely lightweight, simple assembly and breakdown and exceptional tight space maneuverability, the Sport is ideal for everyday travel and daily in and outdoor use.

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