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Hat Care



1) When putting on or taking off your felt hat, always handle the hat with four fingers on the front and back of the brim just next to the crown. This process will help keep the crown clean and the shape neat and crisp as it was when new.

2) Make sure your hands are clean when donning or doffing, especially with the lighter colors such as Silver belly or Silver Sand. When you wash your hands, you wash off not only dirt and grease, but also oils that are found naturally on the skin.

3) When not on your head, your hat should be placed upside down on the crown. This step is vital to aid in keeping the brim shape and set as it was when steamed and shaped for you.

4) When your felt hat gets dusty and needs a good freshening, you can simply dust it off using a hat brush, small plastic sponge or whisk broom. Use caution when using a whisk broom on a soft, thin-bodied dress hat.

5) A felt hat should never be bothered by rain or snow, except in some cases of acid rain. A rain hat cover is a small price to pay to keep your hat dry. But also, remember that a good beaver hat gets better with age. And remember, without water your Bailey felt hat couldn't have been made at all!

6) If a soft drink or beer should get onto your felt hat, simply rinse it under a cool water faucet. Run the water in a light stream over the affected area while rubbing gently with the tip of your index finger. This should take only a minute. Remember, this step is to be done before the stains are dry. Then let the hat dry naturally...hair dryers can cause shrinkage.

7) Keeping a Variety Hat Shop felt dust-free will extend its life. Dust and dirt get down in the tiny crevices of the crown and brim and work against the felt fibers. It definitely shortens the life of a good felt hat as a dress hat.

8) Technically, your hat should be worn sort of level on your head and about 1/2" above your ears. However, we at Variety Hat Shop believe you should wear your hat however it feels the best to you.

9) The hat should fit slightly snug all around your head but not so that it hurts or gives you a headache.

10) A gentleman should always remove his hat in an elevator with a lady present. He should also tip his hat to a lady when greeting or passing her. A gentleman should always take his hat off in a restaurant unless no arrangements were made by the establishment to hang the hat or have it checked. Technically, a gentleman should always remove his hat when indoors.

11) Never put your hat on your bed. Sure, it may be an old wives tale. But why risk it. Bailey Hats assumes no responsibility for misfortune brought by such irresponsible actions.

12) Enjoy your Variety Hat Shop Hat!