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T - REX Scooter 49CC Powerfull

General information

WOW When You Ride This You Will Never Get another Make

Technical Specifications
T Rex Specs


Overall Lenght Overall Width Overall Height Wheel base Dry Weight
1870 mm 815 mm 1286 mm 1284 mm 110kg/102kg/99kg


Front Suspension Rear Suspension Front Brake Rear Brake Front Tire Rear Tire
(90 mm extention)
4-Bar Linkage, Uni-Absorber 190mm Hydraulic Disk with Twin Piston Caliper 120 mm
Drum Brake
120/70-12 130/70/12


Clutch Gear Shifting Drive System
Dry Style, Centrifugal Type Automatic, Variable-Ratio V-belt Drive


Head Lamp Tail Lamp Brake Lamp Signal Lamp
12V - 18W / 18W 12V - 3W 12V - 10W 12V - 10W


C.C. Max. Power Max. Torque
150 7.7 Kw at 7250 rpm. 10.6 N-M at 6250 rpm.


Fuel Tank Engine Oil Gear Oil
6.7 L 0.9 L (T-REX) 0.09 L


C.C. Type Bore × Stroke Displacement Compression Ratio Start System Ignition
150 Four Stroke
Forced Air Cooling
57.0×57.8 mm 147.5 9.4:1 Electric and Kick Start CDI Ignition

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Kinetic Milano Milano Scooter

Technical Specification:
MSRP - Milano Scooter


Our Sale Price $899

Product Name Milano Scooter
Class 49cc
Cylinders 1
Strokes 2
Displacement (ccs) 49
Cooling Air
Speeds 1
Transmission automatic
Bore (mm) 38
Stroke (mm) 43
Brake H.P. @ RPM 1.9 bhp @ 6500
Compression 8.0 to 1
Type of Ignition Electronic
Starter Electric
Max Speed (mph) n/a
Dry Weight (lbs.) 202lbs
Payload (lbs.) 340lbs
Length (in.) 70
Width (in.) 25
Overall height (in.) 41
Seat Height (in.) 32.5
Wheel Base (in.) 48
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 1
Front Tire (? X in.) 3.50 x 10
Rear Tire 3.50 x 10
Brakes front Drum
Brakes rear Drum
Fuel consumption (mi./gal.) N/A

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Gas Scooter

43cc or 49cc Gas Scooter

All the Lights,

Electric or Pull Start

2 Cycle

Folds, Easy assemble

Model # 43cc Or 49cc Gas Scooter

Dune Buggy Cart


Dune Buggy Cart

70 cc 4 Stroke Gas

4 Speed semi Clutch

Independent suspension

Pull or Electric Start

Seat Belt

Style # Cart Single 70ccS







Moped Pedel TFR Kenitic

 Red Or Blue Kinetic Moped

This MOPED is one of the BEST on the market that I have seen !

Reg retails for over $899 plus shipping

Buy here at $725 Shiped usally $825 REady to Ride, Just add Gas and Go

  Built with an eye toward simplicity, ease of operation, ease of maintenance, low cost operation and convenience this bike is perfect for anyone with the need for simple, inexpensive, local transportation. Under normal circumstances, the TFR-USA will travel over 100 miles on a single gallon of gas! This makes the TFR-USA one of the highest mileage, regular production vehicles available in the USA today. The TFR-USA gets better fuel mileage than some hybrid-electric vehicles! The new, improved, TFR-USA offers significant engineering and performance improvements such as:

  • New improved automatic clutch.

  • Quicker and more positive acceleration

  • New improved carburetor

  • New low sound, high torque muffler

  • Improved engine cooling

  • Great Shocks

  • Pedal or Automatic Transmission

 We are confident that this unit will continue the heritage of the TFR as the perfect, low cost transportation alternative and one of the fuel efficient, street-legal vehicles sold in the USA. Cosmopolitan Motors has, in addition to working to improve the TFR-USA itself, put into place policies and new products that insure a positive and secure experience for the owners of this new improved classic. Some of these are:

  • Extra quality control checks before delivery

 Scooters and mopeds are becoming more and more a part of the normal transportation picture in the USA. We at Scooters N Mopeds, support this effort as not only a very ecological machine and a great improvement to the cost of transportation, but as a fun choice! Whether on the back of an RV on the road, at the campsite, or just heading off to school, the TFR-USA is the fun, light and easy bike to buy.

Internet Special: Buy now and receive a free pre delivery inspection and run in at no cost   A  $99.00 Value

Options, Rear Lugage Rack.

Front Basket

Turn Signals

General information

The Big Max 50 Has amazing Power It is At Home In the City Or Country

Technical Specifications

Big Max Specs

Product Name PGO "BigMax 50" Scooter
Class 49cc
Cylinders 1
Strokes 2
Displacement (ccs) 49
Cooling Air
Speeds 1
Transmission automatic
Bore (mm) 38
Stroke (mm) 43
Brake H.P. @ RPM 4.5 bhp @ 6500
Compression 6.8 to 1
Type of Ignition CDI
Starter Electronic and Kick
Max Speed (mph) n/a
Dry Weight (lbs.) 185 lbs
Payload (lbs.) 240 lbs
Length (in.) 67 
Width (in.) 26
Overall height (in.) 43
Seat Height (in.) 32.5?
Wheel Base (in.) 47
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 1.34
Front Tire (? X in.) 3.50 x 10
Rear Tire 3.50 x 10
Brakes front Disk
Brakes rear Drum
Fuel consumption (mi./gal.)

Not Much

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